A few weeks ago I’d written this into a short story. As it turned out I ended up cutting it out from the story and then didn’t know what to do with the 300 words. I’m not one to be wasteful so here it is being posted on FB. It’s from the heart 100%.

I’ve never been one to testify and I would make a terrible witness if forced to do so. It would play out something like this. I’m in court on the stand and under oath and expected to testify. And I’ve been ordered by the court to do so to the best of my ability so I don’t want to let these people down right. The entire court room including the District Attorney, Defense Attorney and the Judge is patiently awaiting my response to a question from the prosecution. What they didn’t count on is that the person on trial is a friend of mine. Holy shit are they getting ready to have a very bad day. Maybe the kind of day in court that will check the resolve of every single person connected to the prosecution of my good friend. Okay you get the image. Then I give my statement and it’s something stupid like this. Yes sir I did see the man driving the get away car. He was an bald albino black man with long blue hair driving a three story hunting tent with a service elevator. At that point if I hadn’t yet been arrested for contempt of court I would continue down the same avenue and begin to add several colorful details such as the swimming pool on the second floor. Most people will find this very humorous of course but to me it’s something very important. I’m hardwired for loyalty to those I care about. It’s simply my protective instincts and I’m willing to go the distance. If all of this sounds insane and makes absolutely so sense at all to you then that will never change. In fact neither myself or anyone else would be able to explain it to you.

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