A couple of years ago I was visiting a friend that I hadn’t seen or spoken with for over a year. At some point during the evening he asked me this one question.

Do you live your life and make your decisions based on life experiences or the sign of the moment?

I didn’t hesitate or have to think about the answer. In fact I kind of expected the question. This was my answer.

I live my life by the sign of the moment 100% everyday.

Here’s my question to you. How do you live your life?

5 thoughts on “Signs

  1. I don’t concentrate too much on past experiences…some of them were the result of not too wise decision making…I now base my life on the signs of the moment and on faith…faith in myself and on wiser planning. Great question and great posts!

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      1. It’s either a glass half empty or half full…makes no difference, the result is not so much water…


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