I spend every other Thursday in court. I’m an Adams County Drug Court Client and that’s what we do. I don’t usually spend my time in court writing but today that’s just what I did. Since I was four minutes late I had to stay for the entire docket. I wrote the following (blog post) while sitting in court long after I was finished with my own appearance. During this docket time I watched several people go to jail including a friend of mine. Most of them only went for two nights but it’s still a rough sanction if your used to being home in your own bed every night.

The title says a lot but it doesn’t say it all. So what does it mean to own your shit? Let’s look past the possibility that maybe I’m writing about poop. If I’m not doing a poop story then where does that leave us? Let’s start here…

1) I’m talking (writing) about taking responsibility and accountability of our actions, decisions and choices. It’s all about free will of course.

2) Not placing blame on anything or anyone else for our problems or situations.

3) Not throwing the sabotage flag or get caught up in who deserves what.

4) To not be jealous and envious of others or as many say now, not to be a hater.

Let’s start with taking responsibility for what we do. It’s easy to blame something or someone else for our problems and I think I’ll give it a label. How about The Cycle of Placing Blame? I believe this cycle begins at a young age and if not checked continues into adulthood. And why not. Pointing a finger at someone instead of ourselves is kinda like waiving a powerful magic wand. The power to travel back in time and remove ourselves from our own choices and decisions like a getoutajail free card or a do over. Let’s use drug use as an example since we all probably see this everyday in our lives and also on things that aren’t real like Facebook. How many people blame drug dealers for their own drug use instead of taking responsibility for getting high? I’ve never seen a seller force somebody to buy drugs. No twisted arms or people being duct taped and/or zip-tied forced to be a customer (see note below). Its not that I don’t think selling drugs is bad and does a lot of damage, of course it is but my time is valuable to me. More than gold or any material s**t. Because of this I don’t waste any of my time trying to convince myself that it’s the drug dealers fault that I used. Not only would that be a lie but it also does something else. If we place blame on the seller instead of accepting responsibility for our choices then we give our power back to the drug and the drug seller instead of keeping what’s ours. What a terrible thing to do. Please don’t lie to yourself.

Now let’s talk about throwing the sabotage flag. Claiming sabotage is very similar to placing blame on somebody else for our decisions. The difference is this. Yes there are bad people in this world who will make the effort to sabotage us and some of them will go to great lengths to do this. Now here’s the catch. We have control who we invite into our lives and nobody can sabotage us unless we allow them into our lives in some way. Controlling this can be difficult since some of the sabotage experts may be friends and/or family. But the bottom line is this. If we allow these people to remain in our lives then once again we have given up our power to someone else. And what a terrible thing. Keep your power and don’t throw the flag. If you claim sabotage then you’ve also claimed that somebody else has control over you and you’re a puppet. Don’t be a f*****g puppet.

Now let’s talk about being a hater. You might be a hater if. You get upset when good things happen to other people. This means anyone in the world including shitty people. If you spend any of your time and energy being mad or upset when somebody else wins the lottery, gets a new car or anything else then you are probably a hater. If you’re upset because someone got less jail time for the same charge then you are probably a hater. If you’re mad because a friend found a bag of money then you’re probably a hater. So here’s my point on all of this hater s**t. Why spend any time or energy being upset because something good happened to someone who isn’t you? If we spend any time hating someone, being jealous or envious then we give up our power to that person. Even worse that might be just what they want. Maybe somebody out there just wants you to hate them and spend all of your time thinking about it (them) until the whole thing consumes you. In fact if you’re currently hating somebody then maybe that person is sitting in a lounge chair drinking something with a little umbrella in it while they think about how silly you are to spend your life dwelling on them (it).

Have you ever thought that you don’t deserve something? Or maybe you do deserve something but you didn’t get it. Maybe somebody else got it but you deserved it. Well too bad because deserve has nothing to do with it. The world doesn’t work like that but I do have some good news. The universe does and I’ll explain. Because of the endless factors surrounding cause and effect from human activity we may or may not get what we deserve. Since we can’t control anything deserve can take some time and in some cases a very long time. Fortunately the world is only a very small piece of the universe and just like we can’t control the world, the world can’t control the universe. And that’s a good thing. Now some people call it karma and others like to say that everything happens for a reason. Guess what? Both are correct. I like to say that things happen because they have to happen but that’s just me plus I think it sounds cool. Anyway no matter how unfair the world can and will be eventually the universe will handle the situation. Kinda like disciplining an out of control child or spouse. Nothing stays out of balance forever and eventually the universe will show up if there’s an outstanding debt.

It would be great if this makes some sense to somebody and if it helps then even better. Helping others is great but for me writing is also a form of self therapy. If you agree with what I’ve written then you may contact me and request a cookie. The procedure for requesting the cookie is the same as the previous story titled (The Bullshit Test). Yes that was really the title and it’s on my website.

July 11, 2019

(note below)

Okay I’ve seen all of these things but that had nothing to do with forcing them to buy drugs. Fortunately when things like this happen the person(s) did something unacceptable and then got duct taped and/or zip tied. Wow maybe they pointed a finger at someone.

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