Title: The Three Second Rule

I’d like to spend a few minutes on a subject that pertains to both men and woman of all walks of life and it’s one of my favorites. I’m writing about boundaries. Now i understand that the subject of boundaries has been talked about and written about by quite a few talented people but there’s a problem. What’s the problem? The problem is that boundaries are still a problem for most people. Today I’m writing about one specific common boundary violation. Specifically the parameters surrounding one person checking out another person. Now this seems to usually be a problem for men more than women and I have a theory on why this happens. It’s more important to women be attractive to men than the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, we (men) are trying to be attractive to women but we’re just not trying as hard. That’s just how nature works. And since I’m kinda old fashioned I like it just that way. I think women are beautiful. Anyway before I get completely sidetracked I’ll get back to the point. Recently during one of the groups that I attend for probation (that’s right) someone brought this topic up to all of us. After a few minutes of deliberation we came to this conclusion. That it’s okay to look at someone because they are attractive or for that matter any reason but here’s the deal. Be respectful and limit yourself to only three seconds of gazing. Gazing sounds kinda bad huh. That’s three seconds total per situation, and I don’t mean that you can look away and then back for three seconds either like some kinda bobblehead. Besides three seconds should be enough time unless you’re committing some kind of mental sexual assault right. Okay well that’s pretty much it. That’s the three second rule for checking someone out. And I’d like to take this time to say thank you for reading.

Oh and I almost forgot…If you can honestly stay in the three second boundary then you definitely deserve a cookie…please feel to invoice me for the cookie…you can send the invoice straight to my blog and I’ll take care of it asap.

Joseph Shanklin
July 18, 2019

shankjoejoe. com

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