Title: Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Series: Waking Up

When it comes to waking up, I believe that most of us are set in our ways, and given the opportunity, we will spend a lifetime fine-tuning our morning, and the method that becomes the waking up process. Yes, most of us prefer to wake up a certain way, and if someone messes with that, better watch out.

What is it about that first hour (give or take) ? Why is it so important to us? For some, it’s about waking up moody, cranky or in some select cases, being pissed off at anything and/or everything. For others, nothing is better than the sound of silence. Still others, it’s all about the quality of the morning company, or lack there of. There are so many possibilities. Surely too many to list this morning, as I struggle to shake the fog from my brain. Hopefully, by the time I finish this post, I’ll be completely awake.

I’d like to share a theory with you this morning. Yes, I’m going to tell you a secret. What you do with it after that, is of course up to you.

It’s really not a secret, but a theory. Something I’ve been thinking about for some time. Up until now I’ve kept this theory completely to myself. You are the first to hear me speak (write) on it.

For one hour each day everyone is a genius. Okay that’s it. Wouldn’t that be something, if I ended it there. I’d have to change my theory to this. For one hour each day, everyone is a comedian. Nope, not as cool.

I’ll begin by saying this. One hour is only an approximation, and your genius time may vary. Second, I’m assuming that the individual in question has had an opportunity to get a full night’s (or days) sleep, without any distraction or interference. The lack of distraction is key to the brain powering up to our own personal genius state of mind. After that, it depends on the individuals level of self-awareness, immediate environment, and schedule. Why? Please sit back, relax and activate your imagination. This won’t take long.

The level of peace and comfort is more than you can bear, and out you go, from this world to the next. Yes, on to another night of Dreamland Adventures. The alarm clock has done it’s job, and your eyes open. Not wanting to risk the dangers of the snooze alarm, you leave Dreamland behind, and climb out of bed. First order of business, the restroom, then a short battle with Mr. Coffee. Caffeine in hand, time to find your favorite news channel. News story after news story. World conflict after world conflict, theories and answers quickly gel in your mind. Damn, if only this would last until your 4PM business meeting! Okay, the countdown has begun, almost time to wash away the magic.

An idea can come at any time, at any place. The idea doesn’t care where I am, what I’m doing or who I might or might not be keeping company with. One moment I can be sitting in the front seat of a broken down automobile, sipping a cup of strong coffee and having a conversation with an old friend. Something my friend says, triggers an idea and then a series of thought processes. The only reason that I’m using the word processes instead of the word process, is this. I just woke up, my mind is still clear, unrestricted and not yet stifled by the events of the day. What happens next leads to an ongoing personal controlled experiment, and eventually a theory. And now, twelve months later, here we are.

One morning last summer my friend and I were having a conversation about relationships. At which time he said, “Someday, there won’t be any marriages or serious relationships. There will only be flings and one night stands.” Of course I’m paraphrasing, but that’s very close. I thought about what he said for a moment, and then I explained to him why he was wrong. Even though this guy didn’t follow any specific believe system or religion, billions of people do around the world. Quite a few of these spiritual people structure their lives around family and monogamy. It didn’t matter whether or not he agreed, or you agree or if I agree with what they believe. The point is this. There will always be millions of families held together by a husband and wife no matter what is happening in this great world of ours.

I had just opened my eyes.

Joseph Shanklin
July 22, 2019


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