The Warehouse, Part 1


As I stated in a previous blog post, my life has been a rollercoaster ride of near-death experiences (1).

This is one of those stories. The name of the woman from this story has been changed. Everything else is a complete work of non-fiction.

Spring 2019, Union Station Denver Colorado.

Three years ago, and at the time of this story, it was early spring, cold outside, and I was still homeless. Besides being homeless, I was still using at that time, and rarely did I spend a day sober.

I’d like to use one paragraph to speak on my drug use I’m a very grounded individual, I don’t hallucinate, and I approach the fantastic much like a scientist, always one to debunk before any thoughts of validation.

Union Station Downtown Denver, frequently used by the homeless as a pit stop for warmth, water, WiFi, restrooms, and just to take a break from the harsh reality of being outside instead of inside. None of these things are the reason that I decided to drop by the station that night. I went there to find out why I needed to go there. See, it’s kinda like this. At the time I felt an overwhelming pull towards the station, not unlike a magnet. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but that’s how it is. Things like this are very common and happen to a lot of people, but most don’t see it for what it is. When I arrived at Union I didn’t go inside, but walked around for a few minutes, smoked a cigarette, then walked off, and up the street a couple of blocks. A few blocks from Union Station the scenery changes dramatically from a bar scene to a warehouse district. I remember standing on the edge that night. Behind me, open businesses, people, voices, and bright lights. Before me, no people, no voices, only a few street lights, and darkness. I stood there for a few minutes looking down the street, waiting for something. Within a few minutes, I spotted something moving several blocks away. Right away I could tell that a woman was walking at a fast pace towards me, very deliberately right towards me. I knew then that she was going to approach me, and that’s why I was there. This entire night, going to Union Station, walking off into the darkness alone in the night, I was only there to meet this person. And that what happened.

Like so many times before (many times) this person walked directly up to me and said, “I was waiting for you.”

Whether you believe me or don’t. Whether you think it’s crazy or not. It doesn’t matter because it’s all true, and this is exactly how my life works.

(This ends Part 1)

(1) Blog Post: The People 07/2019

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