Just another day at U.U.

I remember everything. I remember being alone in the night, the realization of my desperate situation, the only thing left. At the age of 47, I had been forced to walk away from it all, never to return. When it’s all stripped away, there are few options, and as I’ve written repeatedly, our pain makes us who we are.

Options, decisions and consequences, and the free will to choose. High road, low road, light, darkness, where should I allow my pain to take me? What path did I choose, the most difficult of course? I chose to build a new life on the rubble of the old.

A new life. Let go of everything. Lose it all before anything can be gained. These were some of the answers to my questions, the questions I hadn’t asked. I believe that most people already know the answers to their questions. We have the information inside of us, all we have to do is search for it. Sometimes, all we have to do is to say the words. Sometimes, all we have to do is to ask for what is already ours. What does that mean? Well, you either know or you don’t know. If you don’t know, please continue reading.

Please keep this in mind. There is nothing about me that is evil, wicked or unclean. My soul is mine and not for sale. Please do not misunderstand my words. Doing so will take care of away from everything that I’ve written. I didn’t write it for myself but for you, the reader.

Alone, everything stripped away, I said the words to the universe. From that day forward, school was in, and the rollercoaster ride of education had begun. Nothing for me would ever be the same again.

End Part 2

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