The Warehouse Part 5, The King & Queen

The woman, dressed all in black, from nose to tail, slipped the key to the heavy padlock into her front pants pocket. This was followed by an apology, a we don’t have a window apology. Once again, it would take more to shake me off my mission of self-test.

I was standing in the kitchen, heavily cluttered and dirty, just what I would expect to find in such a place. As a bonus, I didn’t see any flys or bugs crawling or buzzing about. My hosts made an announcement, surprise number two behind the locking of one large padlock, the apartment had running water. This luxury had been added several years ago, most likely from a kidnapped plumber, long since disposed of, the body dropped in a dark deep hole at the lowest basement below the basement of the warehouse (I’m kidding). In fact, they had done the work themselves, so they both said anyway.

The man of the house introduced himself as (I can’t remember his name) some dude, and I returned with my real name.

**It’s rare for me to conceal my name when meeting someone, usually only back when drugs and law-breaking were the plans. Rare even then since I would tend to refuse to meet new people for such things. One of the many reasons that I haven’t been to prison or KIA.**

I followed Mr. & Mrs. what’s their names out of the dirty kitchen, into the next hall, and up to a short staircase. The stairs led to one very large room, a room without… Okay ready for this ?… This room didn’t have a ceiling. The ceiling was so high that my flashlight didn’t light it up, which seemed strange since I didn’t remember the building being that tall. They didn’t have any furniture in this room, only a huge pile of stuff, piled as tall as a grown man, most likely scavenged from dumpster diving and treasure-hunting expeditions. Almost anything that you could find inside a house, apartment, or retail store, could be found in this large room. I’m guessing that’s why it was so important to do away with the ceiling. Hey, I just realized something really cool. I’m watching The Hobbit while I’m writing this story, and the room I was standing in was just like the enormous cavern Smaug lived in, with tons of gold and jewels. The difference, of course, being that I was in a smaller room full of garbage, instead of gold, silver, diamonds and such. Anyway, the room had several pillars and some kind of scaffolding that disappeared up into the blackness. Hung here and there, creating several blind spots, hung several sheets and blankets. Leading out of the main treasure (garbage) room were two regular-sized doors, completely shut, concealing whatever secrets lay behind them.

The king and queen of the warehouse sat together on one pile, I sat facing them on another pile. They immediately began to smoke up, getting very high, possibly in an effort to gather strength for some dark plan, a plan not yet revealed to their guest.

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