The Warehouse, Part 4

**Hard choices bring consequences which bring even harder choices. Free will is the cause and effect of our lives.**

**Words from this blog. I live by them, own my shit, and accept the consequences of every decision that I make.**

The Warehouse, Part 3

It was time to enter the mysterious woman’s apartment, and time to accept the consequences of doing so. Bottom line, a safe return is never guaranteed, not even for myself.

She removed the padlock, slid the door open just far enough for one person to pass at a time, then she left me standing alone in the dank hallway. Only one thing was keeping me from immediately following her through the door, I’m claustrophobic, and I stalled for just a moment before stepping into the apartment. The strange woman beckoned me to enter, sensing my hesitation, assured me that I would be able to sit by a window.

Sometimes a new challenge requires a new solution, or in this case, an old one. I didn’t have much time, only as long as it would take for my host to pass into the next room, inform her man that she had company, another man, and then return, hoping to find me inside rather than outside. Before she had stepped from my sight into the next hallway I had already begun centering myself, readying my mind for battle.

**When it’s game time when everything is on the line, how do you battle? Do you survive by using what you have learned from your life experiences, or do you survive by seeing and acting on the sign of the moment? How do you live your life?**

I stepped through the door and into the kitchen, knowing my host would close the door if I didn’t, I closed it for her. The ten-foot-tall sliding steel door made a loud crash against the jam, bringing the couple in to check on their guest.

I was ready for both, the woman and her husband, but I wasn’t quite ready for what happened next. The thin woman in black walked past me and padlocked the door, dropping the key into one of her pockets, out of my reach, unless I chose an entirely different path.

“I hope your not claustrophobic, I was less than honest, we don’t have a single window.”

“I know, I could tell from the path that we took that we aren’t even close to any of the outer walls. It’s cool, I’m better now anyway.”

“This is my husband, we’ve been together for twelve years, happily married.”

All words said with a smile, but right about then I discovered something. I had just learned what it’s like to show up for dinner and to be the only one there that doesn’t know who’s for dinner.

End Part 4

J. S.

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