The classroom, a square or rectangular room, loaded with desks, chairs, tables, and of course let’s not forget to include, students and teachers. Most of us probably think of a classroom in this way, or something very similar. My last classroom was much larger, much much larger.

I didn’t pack much for school. The clothes on my back, one backpack containing various odds and ends, whatever knowledge I had gained during my life, and a few friends that I had picked up along the way, during and after my divorce.

By the time my divorce was final I was an emotional wreck, completely f****d up, and suffering from PTSD. Instead of climbing back on the horse and fixing my life immediately, I chose something different, and it would either change me forever, or it would lead to my death. And at the time, while not suicidal, I was flexible. What can I say, I was more than disappointed, I was completely, and ultimately, heartbroken?

Sometimes a friend can be found in the most unlikely of places, even in the drug world. Yes, that’s what I said, the drug world. I’ve written about the subject many times, not drugs (yes that too), but great things being hidden behind something terrible, sometimes even evil. Maybe you’ve heard of it, working in mysterious ways, and all that kinda stuff?

Short story shorter, I ended up living in the garage of a friend. Just in case you don’t know, drugs f**k up everything they touch, including any and all relationships. The friend that I was staying with allowed drugs and greed to get the best of him many times and the result was always the same. I would leave for days, weeks, or months, and then one day I would return. What my buddy didn’t realize, and nobody knew except for myself, I was drawn to this family’s property, like a moth to a flame. During the last four years, a great percentage of my fantastic experiences, things I’ve spoken on, haven’t spoken on, and some I may never speak on, happened to me right in his back yard. Oh yeah, at his parent’s house, sometimes right in front of his dog. Speaking of my friends dog, there were times the dog slept with me in the garage during the winter, helping me not to freeze. I love that big goofy dog. In fact, I saved his life too.

End Part 3

Please check back for Part 4, I promise that I’m going somewhere with all of this. 😉

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