Since I left off with Part 3, I’ve been mostly working for the last week, from sunrise to sunset.

I started a new job four weeks ago, it’s perfect for this stage of my life. The most interesting thing about this new job? My new job requires two things from me. One, I keep people safe. Two, I have to be able to recognize and incorporate signs. Okay, maybe it’s not that new of a job after all.

I’ve been spending some time considering where I should go with this series, The Universe University. Things like, how much should I say? Should I talk about this, or that, what will people think about some of it? That’s the thing about fantastic experiences, one must stay grounded, always

There are some things that I have validated as fact, while many others have been filed as a work in progress, not yet having enough evidence for a stamp of approval.

That’s all I can do as a writer, tell the story, and let the reader decide.


August 16, 2019

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