A few months ago, while sitting in one of the groups that I attend, I made this statement.

The more that I know, the less I know, and I can prove it right here and now, on paper is necessary.

Everyone in the room braced themselves, gave me a certain look, maybe expecting me to perform some kinda magic trick, illusion, or complicated smoke and mirrors performance. I assured them that it wouldn’t be so complicated and that they needed to just sit back and relax.

This won’t take long, doesn’t require tools, a dry erase board, although one can be used. A chalkboard or dry erase board does help to magnify the effects of the spell! Yep, now you’re listening.

I promise this does not include any spells, oogy boogy, or anything related to any craft, except for the craft of self-awareness. Although, such awareness does tend to push some people’s cheese right off their f*****g cracker.

Okay, here we go, peeps. This was the example that I used that evening. It’s stupid basic.

Let’s say that I start school, a brand new class learning the very cool trade of Automotive Technician. After one week of classes, I’ve received my books and began my introduction into my new craft (haha, there’s that word).

I’ve just completed one week of school, learned a few basic things, and also discovered something else, something terrifying.

I just made the mistake of peeking ahead, just flipping through all of the pages of my first book.

Yes, I might have just learned what a student learns their first week, what everyone in my class also has learned.

Now here’s the catch! By looking ahead at the rest of the book, I have discovered that I don’t know shit about being an Automotive Technician! Yes, people, I might have learned a few things during the week, but now I also realize how much I don’t know about my new trade.

Throughout my life, every single year, I’ve looked back at the previous year, thinking about what I’ve learned. One constant remain always remains with me as I look back at the 365.25 days that are gone.

Last year I didn’t know much, this year I know more, and damn, I still don’t know shit, and the more I know, the less I know.

That’s just how the Universe is…


Joseph Shanklin (that’s me) works a really cool job that includes the following two objectives.

**One, keeping people safe.

**Two, being able to read/post signs.

In order to land this job, the situation required me to catch the sign, before it was taken down and posted someplace else, for someone else.

August 20, 2019

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