It’s been very difficult, not posting on my blog each and every single day for the last week or two. But here’s the thing, it’s my love of writing that’s been keeping me from writing. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been spending the majority of my time complying with the terms of my probation (a.k.a. staying sober), working, and working on my novel. Oh, and working on my novel!

Of course, I expected writing a book to be a lot of work, and I haven’t been disappointed. So much research, background and leg work. What I didn’t expect, couldn’t possibly see, the affection that I have for my characters. Damn, did I really just say that? After everything that I’ve been through, everything that I’ve survived, will I now find myself lying on the couch in the office of a psychiatrist, explaining how and why I fell in love with a woman that doesn’t exist? Yeah probably. I’m thinking the smart move might be to despatch her now, clip her right from the very pages that gave her life.

I shall leave you with this, my peeps.

Someone once said to me, please don’t judge them by the page that I found them on, for it was just one page among many, in a book with countless chapters. I learn something from everyone.

Joseph E. Shanklin

August 29, 2019

shankjoejoe. com

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