I started the new millennium by transforming, the first time.

The year 2000, the Universe had a resolution for me, life has a design, everything prepares us for what’s next.

It’s no longer there, but 20 years ago, on the corner of Washington Street and 92nd Avenue in Thornton Colorado, there used to be a movie theater called Elvis Cinemas. The theater had reduced price movies, similar to a dollar movie theater, but slightly higher priced at two or three bucks a show.

Long story short, and short story shortened, I was running amuck the day in question, very amuck. It’s not that I was trying to do my best Oswald impersonation that day, but I happened to be running from the Thornton Police. Yes, folks, I’ve had my colorful moments ;).

When I stepped out of the car, the car that had almost come to a complete stop at a red light, I headed for the southwest corner of the intersection previously mentioned. My best option, The Elvis Cinemas. The movie, Final Destination Part One.

I remember sitting in the theater and waiting for the police to show up. They don’t search the theater, but they did call my cell phone.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.


Hello Mr. Shanklin, this is…


Battery removed from the phone, in the most ridiculous paranoid fashion possible, as I’ve ever been that important, even when I was running amuck.

I enjoyed the movie, staying for the entire flick, of course, the entire death has a design flick.


August 30, 2019

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