The Warehouse, Part 6

So, there I sit, trying to get somewhat comfortable, on top of a heap of crap. The odds and ends beneath me kept shifting, like a pile of everything in a house below my butt and feet. The happy couple did most of the talking, all the time telling tales and conquests, mostly of how … Continue reading The Warehouse, Part 6

The Warehouse Part 5, The King & Queen

The woman, dressed all in black, from nose to tail, slipped the key to the heavy padlock into her front pants pocket. This was followed by an apology, a we don't have a window apology. Once again, it would take more to shake me off my mission of self-test. I was standing in the kitchen, … Continue reading The Warehouse Part 5, The King & Queen

The Warehouse, Part 4

**Hard choices bring consequences which bring even harder choices. Free will is the cause and effect of our lives.** **Words from this blog. I live by them, own my shit, and accept the consequences of every decision that I make.** The Warehouse, Part 3 It was time to enter the mysterious woman's apartment, and time … Continue reading The Warehouse, Part 4

The Warehouse, Part 3

I can't go back now... I'm here, standing outside a 35k square foot abandoned warehouse in the middle of the night. Nobody knows I'm here, nobody will look for me, and I can't call for help unless I scream. What would you do? Behind me, moving trains, the river, and several large creepy dudes milling … Continue reading The Warehouse, Part 3

Painful Adjectives

Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. This is the definition of one particular noun. The noun in question. Pain. A word or phrase naming an attribute added to or grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it. This is the definition of an adjective. Okay please stay with me, I'm … Continue reading Painful Adjectives

The Warehouse, Part 2

"I was waiting for you", she said with a toothy smile, not unlike that of a horror flick. I didn't tell her right away, that I was expecting her or something similar. I don't usually walk up to anyone, especially at night, especially a woman in the darkness, without anyone else around, and say, "I've … Continue reading The Warehouse, Part 2

Universe University, The Enrollment

Just another day at U.U. I remember everything. I remember being alone in the night, the realization of my desperate situation, the only thing left. At the age of 47, I had been forced to walk away from it all, never to return. When it's all stripped away, there are few options, and as I've … Continue reading Universe University, The Enrollment

Universe University

INTRODUCTION I think it's safe to say that we've all been to school. Now a question. How many of us have gone to school for four years without planning to do so? Literally made a spontaneous decision to step on to an educational path and done so that day and at that precise moment? If … Continue reading Universe University

The Warehouse, Part 1

INTRODUCTION As I stated in a previous blog post, my life has been a rollercoaster ride of near-death experiences (1). This is one of those stories. The name of the woman from this story has been changed. Everything else is a complete work of non-fiction. Spring 2019, Union Station Denver Colorado. Three years ago, and … Continue reading The Warehouse, Part 1


The 2nd posting, with an introduction. Damages part first piece of writing. This is where it all began for me. What matters most, my beliefs, my passions, and yes, of course, all of the pain and tragedy that has been my life came together as my thumbs tapped along on my phone into a … Continue reading Damages