Damages 4, Another Bus Ride

Are you down? Is your imagination down? How ’bout it, one more time?

Relax, keep your eyes open though, so that you can read.

What a beautiful warm sunny day, not quite hot, with a just enough wind.

The weekend was not a mirage, not having to work today feels like a blessing, you must have done something right this week to deserve such a gift. Hopefully it will last, hopefully, it’s real.

It’s time to go now, you need to run some errands. Only a few more weeks until you can get your driver’s license back. Only option today, public transportation.

Sweet timing, the bus is already here. Show the driver your September Pass, and find a seat. It’s been a while since you’ve sat in the back of the bus, so that sounds cool. There’s nobody back there and it should be a peaceful ride. Heck, you won’t even need to use your headphones, so just leave em in the backpack.

Three more passengers.

Block, after block of concrete, steel, and glass roll by. So many people going about their business.

Four more passengers.

Time to do some writing, maybe work on finishing an old piece, or maybe even start something new today. Nope, you need to stay focused, get a few thousand words in on your novel before you get to the store.

Three more passengers.

The bus is filling up, taking on an amazingly diverse group of people, and families. Soon, it may begin to get somewhat crowded.

Four more passengers.

A man with three small children are walking to the back of the bus. The man seems to be the father, but maybe not a full-time dad, seems to be doing his best though. He’s definitely struggling with these little ones, his lack of experience is hitting you in waves, pulsing with oh my God please help me, I don’t know what to do!

The small group sits in the back corner across from you, the man’s kids are adorable. Remember when your children were that small, what an amazing age.

Two more passengers.

You miss your kids even more than you realized, if that’s possible. It will be okay, just let your guard down for a while, let yourself feel and experience the bus, don’t worry about it.

Another passenger.

The bus is almost full, not with people, but with emotion, and energy. Wow, so many differences, so many connections to make. Maybe it will be different this time.

Two passengers on, three off.

The man with the little ones is really struggling, he’s right on the edge. He’s so frustrated, why is he so frustrated. Damnit, how the hell did that happen? How did he become frustrated with you? What did you do? Why did you do it?

Three passengers off.

Think, gotta figure out what it is. You didn’t mean to do it. You would never do anything to upset someone on purpose. What the…

Two passengers off.

Oh…that’s it. That’s not as bad. Still, though, you can’t let this continue, feeling everything is beginning to take such a toll, and it’s such a nice day.

Two more passengers on the bus.

After all of that, that’s what it was. The man with the three kids is worried that his little ones are upsetting you, maybe others. All of those harsh words to his babies, just because he doesn’t want to upset other passengers on the bus. Damn, he made two of his children cry just for that! All of the pain and emotion just for that!

Guess what? You felt it all, every single emotion, every single tear! All of the fear, all of the not understanding!

What now?

Cheer up, it’s only for Empaths.


September 14, 2019

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