I decided that I’d rather write these words here, to you, then on Facebook or anywhere else. I need to place them somewhere. I’ll keep it short.

After seven months of living in a Sober House, then moving out and into a three-bedroom house, finally renting free and clear, like a grown-up, I might go back.

I’m now entertaining a job offer, a management position with the same Sober House Community that I just left behind. I’m not surprised though, not because I’m vain, or full of pride, but because I have 30 years of management experience. Oh, and I’ve been clean and sober since January, and I have a column in the Adams County Drug Court Newsletter, and I write about addiction in my blog, and I’ll leave out the rest.

And no, I’m not patting myself on the back, these are just the facts. I’m 100% dedicated to my sobriety, and building my new life! And now I need to make another very big decision, and then live with it.


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