The Transfer Series,
Introduction & Part 1


Upon completion of ‘Another Bus Ride’, I immediately had regrets and came very close to going back and changing the entire story. Not because of inaccuracies, or untruthful details, but because I’d omitted the majority of the emotional difficulties associated with empathic connections.

If you’ve read ‘Damages Part 2, The World is a Serial Killer, then you’re familiar with some of what I’ve written in regards to empathy, and of The Empath. The Empath is the foundation of The Transfer Series, but only the foundation, just as an Empath, is more than just an Empath.

Part 1,
I’m Not a Terrorist

In order to get the most from this story, two things are required. One, whatever it is that you do to relax and engage your imagination, please do it now. Two, you will need to empathize with someone who is empathizing. Confused? That might not go away.

As I approached Track 7, and the train that will deliver me close to home, I decided to snap a few pics, one of which would be used for this story. The train wouldn’t be departing for another ten minutes, which left me with more than enough time to click and choose.

If you haven’t been to Union Station, I assure you that there is an overwhelming security presence, on and off of the trains. Apparently, a 6’ 2″ white male, weighing 215 lbs, wearing business casual, a US Army Cap, with a small black shoulder bag across my back, and taking pictures from several different angles of one of the Light Rail Trains, can possibly capture the attention of the video surveillance. Yeah, no shit huh!

End Part 1

Please check back for,

I’m Not a Terrorist Part 2.

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