I wrote the bullshit test six months ago. At 1500 words, it’s a long read for a blog posting, so I’m going to piece it out into a few reads. If you’ve read my article titled [Owning Your Shit, And Keeping Your Power], this piece is related to that piece.

I have a column [the only column] in The Adams County Drug Court Newsletter. This piece was a hit with the Judge and all of the Drug Court Staff, including Treatment Representatives from Heart Counseling, Probation Officers [including my PO], Bailiffs, and my Drug Court Peers. Being the first, and only writer to ever have a column in the newsletter, it’s very humbling, and I’m very grateful. After all, the entire situation is one more piece of Sober Ammo in my stockpile of Stay Clean & Sober Ammunition.

The Bullshit Test

This is a test and only a test. What kind of test? It’s a Liar Identification Test. As the name implies this test is for liars. It’s a guide to assist the user with Bullshit Identification. Let’s face it, people, our world is overrun with bullshit and it’s time we do something. It’s time we draw the line. Make a stand against bullshit everywhere. Whether you’re planning on taking this test yourself or administering it to another you’ve taken a step forward in the war on bullshit everywhere.



***If you’re planning on taking this test then a few words of caution. Completing any part of or all of the Bullshit Test may have the following results***

1) You may learn things about yourself. Some of these things can be unsettling. If this happens please hang in there. Self-inventory is the goal.

2) You may become angry during or after completing this test. I don’t sugarcoat or pull any punches when it comes to liars. If you’re full of shit, then you have a reality check coming, and most likely it’s overdue. Smile the wait is over.


**While completing The Bullshit Test**

1) You become emotional. This includes but is not limited to.

Angry, sad, anxious, scared, hostile, depressed or confused.

Take a break. You’ll need to judge how long of a break you need. If you feel like you can’t continue then don’t continue. There’s always tomorrow, next week or next month. If you struggle when it comes to facing REAL SHIT and you can’t OWN YOUR SHIT then you might never change. You can quit now or you can continue on and face reality.

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