It’s true. How do I know this? Because I’m saying it, and I don’t lie. Well not unless I have to. That’s how I explain it to folks. I don’t lie unless I have to. And what could possibly cause me to have to lie? I would need to have a crazy badass reason. Something that I can’t even write into the BS Test. And why do I speak the truth all day and night? Because the truth really will set you free. But you have to live a life free of lies and bullshit to understand what I’m talking about. Can you do it? Can you speak the truth all day from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep? Maybe you already do just that. If that’s the case please skip to SECTION B. If you’re unsure please continue reading. If you have a tendency to lie please continue reading. If you’re considering skipping to SECTION B and then skipping back please just continue reading.

**Page One**

Instructions: Please read the following five questions and answer honestly if you can.

* Question 1

Do you start your sentences with any of the following words or word combinations?



Truth be told

I won’t lie to you

I ain’t gonna lie

Well I’ll tell you the truth

Note: Please continue with the test even if you’ve answered yes to this question.

* Question 2

During conversations do you struggle to recall how honest you were during previous conversations?

* Question 3

During conversations are you spending time creatively making shit up instead of listening?

* Question 4

During storytime or the telling of past events do you add creative flare at all costs? Even if this causes your non-fiction tale to be reclassified as fiction.

* Question 5

During heated verbal confrontations do you get frustrated and/or desperate to win the battle at all costs even if it requires you to make shit up on the fly? Some liars are very skilled in this area and seem to have prepared the bs material in advance. It’s also possible that some very highly skilled bs pros even rehearse in advance in front of a mirror.

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