Shelby [Part 3]

Shelby gasped and nearly jumped from her seat when her phone rang in the bedroom. It could only be Gabriel, and he would only want one thing, the same two pieces of information that he always wanted, where she is, and what is she doing?

Shelby’s vitals soared as she ran into the bedroom and looked at her caller information, Gabriel Salas. She felt a sudden wave of fear, and sharp pain in her chest as her heart skipped. The room was cold and began to spin once more, forcing the young woman to brace herself with her left hand on the edge of the bed. Just for a moment, Shelby was sure that she would throw up, right there on Gabe’s side of the bed, a thought that brought a small grin to her thin pale face.

“Damnit…fuck.” she said before she answered the call.


Shelby’s weak and timid voice squeaked, barely audible through her cell phone. In contrast, Gabriel’s voice seemed to cut right through her, his words stabbing and slicing her flesh.

“Where are you…what are you doing?”

Shelby closed her eyes, breathed deeply, then opened them once more very slowly. In her mind, she had heard Gabriel say, “Where are you…what are you doing you, stupid little bitch!”

“I’m home…where would I be baby?”

Shelby continued to sniffle, and she considered running back to the bathroom for more tissue paper but Shelby’s feet would not cooperate with her brain, and she had to do the next best thing. Shelby grabbed one of her dirty shirts from the floor under her right foot.

“Nobody’s there…just you…why are you sniffling?”

Shelby could hear the tension in his voice, and fear drove her away from his side of the bed. She looked around, almost expecting Gabe to pop into the bedroom and scream at her for not sitting where she was supposed to sit.

“Just me…the kids are still at your mom’s…I think I’m catching a cold Gabe.”

Shelby grimaced, hating herself for making such a stupid mistake. Knowing it was coming, she braced for the inevitable.

“You’re fucking sick again…what the fuck Shelby you’re always sick…what’s wrong with you…why do I stay with you, Shelby?”

Shelby couldn’t remember the last time that Gabriel had been kind to her, and affection had become non-existent, something he reserved for his family, friends, and his dogs, especially both of his dogs.

I small thought came to Shelby, a flicker in the back of her mind. She couldn’t fight it any longer, the urge to put the phone on speaker. Just yesterday she had discovered something fantastic, and a little terrifying. She had found that if she put her phone on speaker, not only would Gabriel be able to her surroundings, but she could hear his as well. The first time, when Shelby discovered what the speaker setting could do, she thought that she had heard another man speaking to Gabe during their conversation. Yes, she was positive that somebody had been saying something to Gabriel, whispering to him at the same time that she had been speaking.

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