Shelby [Part 9]

Seeing that Gabe’s dogs had both food, and water, Shelby decided to leave them be, and focus her attention on the downstairs. Stepping momentarily back into the kitchen, the junk drawer provided a powerful flashlight. Shelby took notice of an assortment of batteries, many of them were AAA, just what she needed for her sunflower clock when the time came.

Without switching on the flashlight, Shelby descended the staircase, moving as silently, and graceful as a ballerina dancing across a stage. The stairs were the only area in the house that still had carpet, everything else had been torn out several years ago, shortly after Shelby had agreed to move in. Gabriel had promised to install hardwood floors in the basement, but four years later, still nothing but concrete.

Pausing cautiously on the last step, completely silent and nearly invisible, she waited, straining her senses to their limits. The basement seemed unnaturally cold for June, and for a moment Shelby thought that she could see her breath, but quickly shook off the possibility that any room in the house could be cold enough for that.

Shelby’s mind began to process other realms and possibilities, after all, didn’t she just have a vision upstairs on the kitchen floor? She had so many questions to ask herself.

Thoughts such as,

“How did this happen?”

“Why am I still here?”

“How did I become so weak and sick?”

Losing track of time, Shelby remained on the bottom of the staircase, trying to answer her own questions before taking another step, before committing to the cold basement, and what might be waiting for her.

No answers, just more questions for her mind to battle with.

“It’s all bad, it’s all wrong, it’s right there, but I can’t…I can’t see it!”

Using senses beginning with number six, Shelby reached out into the black of the basement, down the hallway, and into the next doorway. Behind that door was the laundry room, and the source. She could feel what waited for her, something cold and wet, she could almost see it.

Images and voices played back in Shelby’s head, the voice of someone evil.

“Make sure she goes downstairs.”

It had almost worked, but it wasn’t meant to be, not this day, she would not make it easy for them, or go quietly. Shelby’s mind raced with four years of trauma and pain, so much damage, so much sacrifice. Everything came back to her right there on that last step in the darkness of the freezing basement, stinking of dog feces and something much worse.

“It’s true…they did this…it’s all true.”

Now, everything was tangible, and clear, what these people had done to her. Every detail from day one until this day, it had all been uncovered and revealed. Revealed, yes that was the key, that was the solution. He had taught her the words, his words, he had shared them with her, shared them before…

“Before I left you.”

Another flood, a tsunami of clean and loving memories. Shelby could feel the mental partition begin waiver and fail. Like a wall built from hate, manipulation, and medication, the bricks were falling, no longer restraining Shelby’s beautiful mind. Nothing would slow or stop what had to happen next.

“Revelare!”, Shelby whispered this one word.

She had remembered his face, his mind, and also his words. This would change everything here and now. She would summon his strength for help, and perhaps, just maybe, it might be possible to call on him as well.

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