Shelby [Part 10]

“Revelare!”, Shelby whispered this one word.

She had remembered his face, his mind, and also his words. This would change everything here and now. She would summon his strength for help, and perhaps, just maybe, it might be possible to call on him as well.

Closing her eyes, Shelby arrived at a conclusion and a decision. Right here, on this step, she would do what she used to do, what she had been taught to do, what she had died learning how to do. No longer would she be weak and frail. This very moment she would call upon her resilience. She would speak the necessary words, she would speak something into existence.

Eyes closed, she focused on her breathing, relaxing every inch of her body, and preparing for the next step, not from the stairs, but from the darkness. A connection began to form, wiring Shelby’s brain to her surroundings, tuning her into every detail of the basement. Nothing escaped her new state of hyper awareness. A smile formed on Shelby’s lips as the hair on her arms and neck began to wave-like feathers. She quickly began to split her mind between two tasks, remaining connected to her surroundings, and searching for help. This search would take her miles from the house, and all together out of the city. She desperately needed to find him, otherwise, she might not survive.

Knowing she was all in, everything on the line and she might not see another day, Shelby spoke to the darkness, her voice soft, but strong, slicing through every wall and inch of concrete.


Shelby opened her shimmering eyes, she licking her lips as she prepared herself. Drops of sweat ran down the inside of her nightshirt, tickling her from armpit to waist.


Shelby knelt on the hard floor and sat down on her heels, then shifted her body so that she could work with both of her hands. For just a moment Shelby looked at her shapely body, smiling and happy with the fact that Gabe would never touch her again. With her left-hand flat on the dirty basement floor, Shelby repeated the word once more.


The three rings on her left hand sparkled to life just as they had in her vision. Smiling again with her progress, she began to trace a small symmetrical pattern with her right index finger on to the dusty floor. Her mind still divided between the battle before her, and a desperate call for help. She spoke again, this time much slower, each syllable pronounced to crystal clear perfection.

“Quod sit lux in tenebris constituta revelare!”

Shelby’s smile never fell from her lips, daring the darkness to come, daring it to show itself before her.

In the back of her mind, Shelby worked the other task, desperately searching for the only person that might help her, the only person like herself. The miles screamed past her mind, making her sick to her stomach and forcing the young woman to look away from her search.

Shelby almost threw up, forcing all of her attention back to the basement. Her energy was screaming, soaring from her body as she gave it direction and purpose. Then she spoke again, but much faster.

“Et lux in tenebris revelare quod celat!”


Just as Shelby uttered the final syllable two things happened. One, a flash of light as bright as the beam from a light house, and two, a sound similar to that of a large heavy door being slammed. Shelby bad prepared herself by closing her eyes tightly, but she hadn’t expected the loud bang, which brought a brief flash of fear across her face, not unlike being slapped by someone in the dark.

Shelby could see an image in her mind, an image so terrifying and unimaginable that she would never be able to describe it without shaking with fear. For a moment she almost doubted herself and her ability to complete the task. For a moment, she almost wavered, something that would have been suicide, or worse.

But in the end, she had forced the revealing of what hunted her, and it would never forgive or forget Shelby and what she had done this day. She had a new enemy.

A loud slippery splash came from the laundry room. Shelby knew what if was, and what had just transpired. She didn’t know how much time she had, or if it would return, she needed to work fast.

It was time, Shelby breathed deeply, exhaled, and let it all go, sending everything that she had left, in hopes of an answer. She was tiring, her rage and adrenaline beginning to fade. Her stomach knotted, and Shelby began to cough and spit. It was no use, too exhausted to stop the inevitable, Shelby began to throw up small pieces of food and brown liquid.

The event had taken Shelby to the edge of death, and she collapsed on her back against the stairs. As she plucked a few bits of debris from her lips and face, Shelby smiled and spoke.

“Damn…I’m glad that lazy little bitch left the carpet on the stairs!”

Memories filled Shelby’s mind with, beautiful clean images. She remembered the last time she had died, laying in that dirty shed for days, nobody coming to check on her after she had been poisoned by someone close to her. She remembered every detail, the table she had been placed on, the dusty boxes and tools, and the hundreds of dandelions outside, especially the one that she had made a wish on, right before she closed her eyes.

As Shelby laid on the staircase, her thin and frail body, damaged from lies and false love, a peaceful thought pushed every other thought from her beautiful mind, she was ready to go, and she would not cry.

“Not one tear.”

Shelby heard a sound, deep within her mind, a voice, familiar, but long overdue, and she smiled once more.


Shelby responded, a combination of thought and feeling, something she hadn’t done for a long time. Then she closed her eyes.

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