Today, something triggered me, not to use, but to post this once more.

**The Universe University Series**

If you’re reading this on my blog, then odds are you already know that getting sober is only the beginning, kind of like the first quarter of a football game. And like football [or combat], the battle is a fluid situation, and the enemy [addiction] is watching every move you make, and constantly working [and coaching] to outmaneuver your maneuvering.

Maybe you’ve heard [or said] this before, “No matter what I do, the drugs always find me!”

Yes, that’s exactly what happens, and exactly how it works. Even if the addict stays away from all of the people from their past, and even if they avoid creating new relationships with drug users, the drugs will find them. Oh yes, it’s not enough, the recovering addict must be prepared for everything that they’ve already wished for.

But right now, right here, I’m going to explain why. Yes, I’m going to post my opinion on how and why this happens.

During our running and gunning drug use [maybe you had a gun?], the addict becomes a machine. Yes, a non-stop 24/7, never gonna stop, moving and shaking machine with one goal, staying high and numbing the pain. [Please read my post Damages, Part 1]. At some point, getting more drugs becomes the most important thing in their life, outranking everything else.

It’s not that complicated, if everything that we do, and everything that we say, and everything that we wish for, and all of our energy is directed at one thing, and that one thing is drugs, then careful what you wish for.

Maybe you’ve heard this saying, just like ripples on a pond? Well, that’s how the Universe works. If we spend all of our energy creating ripples for drugs, those ripples are still out there, moving across the pond [The Universe], and they will continue to come back throughout our lives.

It’s important to remember that words are powerful, more powerful than most realize. Long ago, people used to know the power of words, and everyone used to be held accountable for everything that they said. Now we have stand-up comics, and everyday people throw words around as if they were meaningless and harmless. I promise, and guarantee, that our words are not meaningless and harmless. Words are powerful. After all, you’re still reading.

Joseph Shanklin

October 4, 2019

15 thoughts on “Careful What You Wish For

  1. Joe, sorry for your constant battle. What non-addictors, if that is a word, don’t realize is that even though the war may have been won, the battle is still there and that battle make you weary. When words come from a place of not understanding they can be damaging making the battle almost a losing one. I don’t know your religious views but as I have told you before I am trying to be a good christian, so that being said I will pray for your strength and encouragement. And may any words I type to you be uplifting and helpful with your battle.

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    1. Wonderful, beautiful, and uplifting. The first words that come to mind when I read your comments. Oh, and straight from the heart. Thank you. And more than that, thank you. After using for about four years, I’ve been clean now for almost one year. The four years of use followed ten years of sobriety, or the entire length of my second marriage.

      Interesting note, I’ve had two divorces, each followed by four years of heavy drug use. It feels like eight years of school, in pursuit of some kind of advanced degree in Universal studies. So that’s the name that I’ve attached to it, The Universe University.

      As bad as it was, I wouldn’t change anything, and I didn’t change anything, instead, I stepped on to a path of self discovery, and improvement. What are we doing if we don’t improve ourselves, and then our world.

      I’m getting long winded.

      Thank You, Joseph

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    1. I hadn’t planned to. I don’t know much about it except that it’s in November and 50k words. I’ve read that it’s really grown though. Hearing that my words are inspiring is inspiring for me. As much as I love to write, I feel the same about someone enjoying what I’ve written.

      Thank You, it means a lot. Joseph

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  2. Your words speak of want and wisdom. A quote follows:

    are powerful
    forces of nature.

    they are destruction.
    they are nourishment.
    they are flesh.
    they are water.
    they are flowers
    and bone.

    they burn. they cleanse
    they erase. they etch.

    they can either
    leave you

    or brimming
    with home.

    Sanober Khan

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