Motivation is something that I’m never lacking, never without or searching for. I’m always busy, spending every minute of every day working on something. Since I’m a few weeks away from reinstating my driver’s license, I’m still using the train and bus for transportation. But that’s good, it’s all writing time.

After posting The Shelby Chapter from my work in progress, something happened. My already high level of dedication exploded into a higher level of dedication.

Beginning Monday [10-21] I’ll be starting a job [for my job] close to Downtown Denver, a job that will last until next June [Mon to Fri 7-4]. The entire thing is so fantastic, it’s very humbling. This weekend, it’s 100% reading my favorite blogs, and working on my book, with a possible second hand or antique store threw in.

If writing is my new relationship, I’ll never let her go. So much character research, so much background. And I still need to take two more field trips, including one out of state.

Loving every minute and every breath,

Joseph E. Shanklin

4 thoughts on “Reading & Writing

  1. Yes, good luck with your new job! I’m sure you’ll find a balance between job and writing, and hope it won’t be too stressful. But, you are a writer, and that’s what we do – we write, even if in just bits and pieces whenever we can. I know I’ll be reading. 🙂

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