With the thawing of the snow here in Denver Colorado, we’re having to make up for a lost week of snowy weather. I’m in the middle of a ten day work week, but I’m sure not complaining about the $.

Although I’m still keeping up in my blog reading, finishing a posting will have to wait another day probably.

Thank you so very much for your everything people ❀️!

Joseph Shanklin

November 5, 2019

21 thoughts on “Ten Day Work Week

    1. Sorry about the wait, for some reason your comment didn’t show up right away. That’s funny though, I was just watching UTube videos last week about Australia, and the number of things there in nature that can be deadly.



      1. That’s ok.
        Really? Wow, I haven’t seen a lot of things in nature that are deadly but our city was under water last year with the worst flooding in 100 years after a two week monsoon but I am in the tropics now. On the other side of Australia the worst we got was a hail storm that damaged some property. Surely over there, you’d get some deadly conditions like tornados, earthquakes and severe snow right?


      2. We don’t have too many quakes or tornadoes here in Denver. I think the last tornado to hit the city was about 15 years ago. We do get a lot of snow between December and March, but here in the city it tends to melt quickly, and then we get another storm. Snow, melt, snow, melt. Just west though we have mountains with rising more than 14k feet. Some of them get as much as 100 feet of snow depth of more. All of that snow melts and runs west towards Nevada, California ECT. It’s our snow that supplies the Western US with all of their water. In not sure if that’s interesting at all πŸ™‚ . I’ve always been fascinated with Australia. One of the videos that I watched on YouTube was titled, Everything In Australia Wants To Kill You. I watched a few videos with similar titles. I realize it’s a little dramatic though. We don’t have too many dangers here in Colorado, except for the overwhelming number of knuckleheads living here of course. 😎


      3. Haha, we have a lot of knuckleheads in Australia too, and they are probably more likely to kill you than nature is. Of course if you were stuck out in the desert or bush for an extended period of time, it would certainly kill you but I think that would be true anywhere. I really don’t think Australia is more dangerous than anywhere else, except maybe africa, the animals there sound terrifying. I think parts of the US sound fascinating, particularly the country areas and you guys have some very interesting animals like wolves, bears, racoons & squirrels and your woodlands look amazing, would love to travel the US some day. I’d love to travel around Australia in a caravan too but circumstances don’t allow for any travel right now. There would be so much to write about though if it were possible!


      4. You would probably like the area that I grew up in. Until the age of 19 I lived in Polson Montana. It’s on the Southside of Flathead Lake and is located on the Flathead Indian Reservation. It’s not far from Canada, and has a population of Grizzly Bears and Wolves! Living on a Reservation was unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. It’s like being in another country.

        I’ve always wanted to see Australia. The entire continent is fascinating. I’ve always believed that Australia has the most interesting wildlife, but maybe that’s because I’m from here. πŸ˜‰


      5. True, we always are fascinated by the unfamiliar. I probably would love Montana but I think I would be nervous about grizzlies and wolves, lol. I don’t swim at the beach up here in the north of Australia because I’ve heard there are crocodiles lurking about, lol. I’d rather see one behind an electric fence than come across one during a leisurely afternoon swim! haha


      6. I do most of my work on the go so when my cell phone went to s**t a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t respond to your message. I too, would not want to go swimming with a crocodile or anything else that size! πŸ™‚

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      7. Well there’s technology for you, it’s supposed to make life easier and it does sometimes but other times it adds to the frustration! πŸ˜‰


      8. Yeah the pre-paid and unlimited call and text plans today are much more affordable and there’s more competition so competitive pricing, which gives us more options to save money. New things are always too expensive in my opinion, better to wait for them to come down in price.

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