As I slowly inch my way closer to the finish line, I can’t help but come back again and again to everything that is Shelby. Not only is Shelby one of the two main characters from my novel, but she has also required the most research and the most time. After all, Shelby is a woman, and the person that created her [myself] is a man, and that has posed quite a challenge for me. Keep in mind, this is my first book, and I’ve only been writing for about one year. I’m not making excuses, just saying… 🙂

Challenge accepted I’m not too far from being ready for my final editing push, before the final editing push. Until then I’ll remain focused, and continue chipping away one word at a time.

This chapter has grown from 6k to 10k words since the last time I posted it. Instead of 10 pieces, this time it will probably require at least 20. Feedback is greatly appreciated, after all, that is the goal!

This chapter, now titled, Beautiful In Every Way, is the only chapter that I can post without giving away too much of the book, and the plot. Heck, I’m still the only person that knows the title, or the plot! And I’m planning on keeping things just like that until the upload!

Part 1 will be posted this evening.

Thanks Again,


3 thoughts on “Bellissimo In Ogni Modo [Shelby Introduction]

  1. Oh… 😮 So that one I read before this is already a complete novel?
    Since you ask, I’ll just add that you did a great job writing her POV… but umm… maybe you mentioned her name a little too much?
    I believe that in writing there’s no such thing as author male/female sucking at writing the opposite gender. I can’t judge my own writing the same as a reader. But as a reader, I’ve read female author who wrote a completely unrealistic female characters…

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