Not too many years ago, I was spending my days with…well…a rebellious sort of people. I’m not going into specifics, I’ll just say not entirely within the boundaries of law and order. Depending on who you’re related too, or who your friends are, sometimes that’s just how it is.

Anyway, four years ago I considered buying a black SUV with heavily tinted windows, similar to the vehicle pictured here. After such purchase, I’d planned in adding a spotlight, two or three antennas, and then possibly picking up one of those FBI baseball caps. Of course, my plan did not end there. The black SUV, along with all of the upgrades would be completely clandestine, and I would not have allowed even one person to know about it. Keeping the vehicle a secret would be a top priority because I have an interesting sense of humor.

My plan [past tense], was to choose one of my friends with multiple exterior property cameras, roll back and forth past their house, around the block, and then park right out front for at least an hour. All the while, nobody would be able to see inside of the vehicle. Since everyone that I know can decipher a state registered license plate by the numbers/letters used on the plate, a temporary plate would be required of course.

The end result, if I did not get clipped, several elevated sets of vitals, eyes bugging out of heads, lots of desperate telephone calls, and sheer terror all around.

Fortunately, self-control got the better of me, and I purchased an entirely different vehicle.

Joseph Shanklin
November 29, 2019

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