We all have our morning [or evening] wake-up process. Over the past few years, I’ve developed a theory, a wake-up theory. I’ve come to believe that we are all capable of great things when we wake up. Please keep in mind that I’m being literal, and not speaking in some kind of spooky code.

Here it is. From the moment that we climb from bed [couch or whatever], we are fresh, free of distraction, and not yet dumbed down by the world. This is our genius time. Since one of the common goals of our world seems to be just that: Ignorance! It’s important to remember that our true period of genius will only last up until we’ve spent some time in front of the television, or accessing the internet. Or in some special cases: Conversing with the sleep forevers. That can be most dangerous, and sometimes quite damaging.

I’ll keep it short. Have a great weekend, and please enjoy your brilliance!

Joseph Shanklin

December 7, 2019

3 thoughts on “Wake Up And Be Brilliant

  1. When I fead Deepak Chopra he advises not to ‘let the world i ‘ for a minimum of half an hour, or more if possible, when you wake up. But to sit and hear the earth. He is so right. I don’t often achieve it, but when I do my world is different. R ❤️

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