All she could see was darkness, everything was cold and black. Finally, a loud scraping sound against the other side of the door. Shelby’s senses spiked, and she knew something was waiting, waiting for her less than two inches away; only the thin door separating her from them.

For several minutes, Shelby listened to the dogs, trying to come up with a plan, anything to avoid her boyfriend’s temper. Finally a solution, she would let them out into the back yard, but first making sure that the dogs could not get out. She did not want anyone getting hurt by her boyfriend’s dogs. She had always loved and trusted Pit Bulls; knowing that the breed’s bad reputation came only from a small percentage of dog owners that did not have any business owning dogs, owners such as Gabriel.

Shelby walked to the double doors that opened to the patio, hesitated, and finally opened the door on the left. She slammed the door immediately when the smaller dog snapped at her arm, it’s snout catching between the two doors.

“Damnit! Che cazzo,” she yelled!

Shelby sat on the floor with her back centered between both doors; began to reach for her cell phone, then immediately realized that her phone was charging in the bedroom.

“Lo sapevo. Lo cazzo sapevo,” she said angrily!

Shelby kicked several times at one of the kitchen table chairs, sending the wooden chair flying beneath the heavy glass top table. Much like bowling pins, the first chair knocked two more chairs across the wooden floor; past the bar, and nearly the entire way into the living room.

A small smile began to form on Shelby’s lips, but then quickly faded away as she looked at her shoes with disbelief, her eyes locked on the filthy Black Converse Sneakers.

“When,” she whispered.

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