Actions vs Words, La Battaglia Infuria

Nearly 20 years ago, during a short visit to The Denver County Jail for missing court, I learned something about words. With only a few days left before my release, I had an opportunity to visit The Jail Pastor. The experience, although inspiring and eye-opening, arrived during a different chapter in my life. In fact, not only a different chapter but a different book altogether. Even so, I learned just what I needed to learn at that moment in my life.

During the conversation, I was asked a question. What speaks louder, actions or words? Having already conversed with another inmate, I was expecting The Pastor’s question, and I’d already made the decision to cheat. That’s right, I immediately answered his question with: Words! Slightly stunned by my response, The Pastor smiled and congratulated me on my keen insight. That’s when it hit me: The answer was correct.

There I was, faced with the realization of having to work the problem backward. Since I already knew the answer, and I could see and feel the validity of the answer, I made the commitment to find out why.

Why are words more powerful than actions?

Please check back for Part 2.

Note: I’ve began studying The Italian Language, and so the title of this piece is quite simply: A shout out to The Italian Language. And what an amazing language it is!

Joseph Shanklin
December 12, 2019

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