Okay, now it’s time to hit the break room for a tall cup of strong coffee, and then the morning meeting. You brace yourself, shuddering as you imagine the AM Shift Meeting. It’s so much more than just Social Anxiety, it’s downright terrifying. All of those personalities and emotions, and no way to stop them. This weekend will be the weekend, this will be it. You must find answers to your questions, solutions for your problems before it’s too late.

Just as you’re thinking you should have called in, you realize that your co-workers have moved on to the meeting room without you. It sure won’t make things any easier, being the last one in the room again. On one occasion you found yourself standing for the entire torture session because you were late, and there weren’t enough chairs. It was that morning that you realized whoever came up with that stupid game musical chairs, was a total dick.

Imagine walking into a room full of people, and within a few moments, knowing how everyone feels about you. What if you didn’t have a choice? What if they couldn’t hide it from you? Within minutes of interaction with a group of people, you could see and feel how every single one of them felt about you? Could you handle it? How would you handle it?

Now take it one step further. What if you had to deal with this reality all day, and every single day? Every time you get into an automobile with someone. Each time you meet someone for the first time, or the second time. Each and every single time you interact with anyone. How would it affect you? Would it damage you? What would be the extent of the damage? How would you repair the damage? Would the damage be repairable?

Well, folks, there are people in this world living with this condition right now, dealing with it each and every day. They live a life of knowing and feeling at a level that most people can’t even imagine.

If you can’t imagine what this would be like, I want you to please try anyway. It’s important because I’m not finished. It doesn’t end there. Yes, there’s so much more.

Can you put yourself in that place? It’s a lot of feelings to deal with. Now that you’re thinking about all those feelings, let’s move on and add some more.

Now imagine yourself getting onto a bus full of people. If you have not used public transportation before, then please feel free to imagine a school bus instead. Okay, now please go ahead and sit anywhere that you’d like because it makes no difference.

Sit back, close your eyes, and please try to relax. So many people, and so many emotions. Some of these people are completely minding their own business, others are not. This particular bus is carrying a very diverse group this morning. People of every race, color, and creed. A few of them definitely do not like you based solely on the color of your skin. Furthermore, one or two of the passengers are carrying around so much hate and anger that it’s almost too much, and twice you find yourself coming close to ringing the bell, just so you can step off the bus and on to a street with a name that you have never even heard of before.

You see, not only within a few minutes do you know how everyone feels about you, but add this to your new stress level. You’re now connecting to the other passengers emotionally. You’re beginning to connect to and feel all of the sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, and happiness on the bus. Just think how confusing this would be. Especially if you don’t know why it’s happening to you. In fact, why would you know why it’s happening to you? It’s not something taught in school

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