Once more, what speaks louder, actions or words? That was the question. Since I’d already answered with “words”, the only thing left to do was to validate my answer.

Most people would never agree with my answer for the simple reason: That people lie constantly. Because of this, they tend to believe that actions are more powerful, or more truthful. Like most everything else these days, it’s completely backwards. UP IS DOWN, AND DOWN IS UP. Society has forgotten how powerful words have been, can be, and will remain to be. And why is that: Our ability to speak something into existence. I’ve written about this a few times [Posting – Careful What You Wish For].

Words are extremely powerful. In the interest of not giving too much away, I’ll keep it simple. Besides, if someone wanted to know more about the subject they wouldn’t have to look far. The signs are all around them. On our blogs. Within our art. And within our lives. Our words are everything.

Joseph Shanklin
Friday, December 13, 2019

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