Within moments, another change began to take place, something as enchanting as the woman it was happening to. Shelby gazed with astonishment as the three tattooed rings on her hand began transforming in the most fantastic way. What had been three plainly tattooed rings on her left hand just moments before, had now sparkled with a life of their own.

“È tempo,” she said softly between giggles.

She could not pull her eyes away as the requisite writing came to life within each ring. The script, although extremely detailed and beautiful, was completely alien to the young lady who’s hand it had magically appeared on. Although familiar, she could not translate the language.

Without warning, an angelic voice whispered,”Shelby…go home.”

The voice was lovingly soft and reassuring, giving the young woman a feeling of security and belonging, something she had not experienced since her mother had passed away.

Once more the voice of an angel, “Shelby vai a casa,”

The soft voice was not that of a stranger, but of someone very close to her. The voice belonged to Shelby, and at that moment she knew what was coming. Knowing there was nothing that she could do to slow or stop the inevitable, the young woman attempted to brace herself for the impact.

“Ahhhhh…,” She yelled, grimacing with pain as Shelby slammed back into her body. The impact was hard enough to crack the window within the door just inches above her head. Completely dazed, and unable to do anything except breath for several minutes, she rested on the kitchen floor, listening to the chattering of birds just outside. Five minutes turned into ten minutes, still nothing but the sound of crows, and the uncharacteristic wining of Gabriel’s dogs on the patio. Both animals were crying and carrying on like never before.

Shelby turned, placed both hands on the door to steady herself, and then slowly stood up. A sharp stabbing pain in her stomach almost sent her crumbling back to the floor, and she nearly vomited.

A sudden thought turned to words.”I’m starving,” she said quietly.

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