WWW…World of Writing of Women.

I’ve been working on my [first] novel for about six months. I haven’t done a complete page count, but I can safely estimate my progress at 100-120 pages so far.

Like most books, my book has many characters, male and female. Of course, that didn’t surprise me. It takes a lot to surprise me, in fact, these days, it’s nearly impossible, but it happened, and I did it to myself. I’ll explain.

I fell in love with my own characters, from my own book. Okay, mostly just the women. Okay, just the women. It’s been an incredible experience, something very therapeutic. I’ll explain.

I moved from my home and followed that with a divorce about four and a half years ago. Since my wife, I have not dated, slept with, had sex with, or even kissed a single woman. And no, no dudes either. I only like women. And more than that, I love women. I didn’t cheat on my wife of twelve years, not even once. She’s the only woman I’ve been with since 2003. I’m committed to working on myself before I can work on a relationship. I realize that’s a lot of personal information, but once again, it’s therapeutic. Writing is self-expressive therapy.

I’ve discovered the power of writing, and the relationship between a writer and the writer’s characters. And because I love women, and I believe women are beautiful, mysterious, and amazing, the entire experience has been very powerful for me, even healing in nature.

At 51 years of age, with two children, a grandchild, and two ex-wives, I know just enough about women to know that no man knows much about women. And that’s just how I like it, and want to keep it. Women are beautiful and mysterious, just don’t make them your enemy. Scorn of a woman and all that, it very real. You my not survive!

Joseph Shanklin
October 15, 2019


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