Looking past the dogs, she could see the dog run and nearly every foot of fence in the backyard. Nothing seemed to be out of place or damaged. In the back of her mind, she knew something was wrong, terribly wrong, and completely upside-down. Cringing, she thought about the creepy voice whispering into her boyfriend’s ear during the last telephone conversation.

Both dogs had returned to what they had been doing, running back and forth along the fence between the yard and the alley. They had worn a path into the thin grass from two years of chasing everything that moved through the alley. This included people walking their dogs, bicyclists, and any automobile that dared to drive past the house.

Seeing that Gabriel’s dogs had both food and water, she made the decision to leave them be, and focus her attention on the basement. Stepping back into the kitchen, she opened the junk drawer and grabbed a small flashlight. First testing the light to make sure that it still worked, she clicked it on, and then immediately switched the flashlight back to the off position.

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