Although not vain or full of herself in any way, Shelby was well aware that she wasn’t like everyone else. She had been educated since childhood, prepped by select members of her family for a path of enlightenment and spiritual growth. All of these preparations considered; she had somehow been distracted from her path of illumination and transformation, led astray down a road of blindness, eventually contained and imprisoned. Fortunatety, her enemies had underestimated her resilience.

Momentarily losing track of time, Shelby remained on the bottom of the staircase, trying to answer her own questions before taking another step; before committing to the cold basement.

No answers, just more questions for her mind to battle with. “It’s all bad…it’s all wrong…it’s right there…but I can’t see it,” she thought to herself.

Using senses numbering far greater than six, she reached out into the black of the basement, down the hallway, and through the next doorway. Behind that door was the laundry room, and the source. Shelby could feel the thing that tirelessly waited for her, and it’s form began to slowly take shape in her mind. She couldn’t help but wonder why somebody had gone through so much time and preparation just for this moment. Either way, she needed more information, she needed to discern the invader in it’s true form. Forcing a revealing was a complicated and delicate process, and must to be handled with great care if one was to survive the ordeal.

Shelby was well aware that it was all a trap. “Make sure she goes downstairs,” The man had whispered. It had almost worked, but she would not make it easy for them.

Another trigger, all of the pain from the last four years flooded back, everything these people had done to her. Within seconds a tsunami of clean and loving memories washed the tragedy away. Shelby could feel the mental partition begin to waver and fail. Like a wall built from hate, manipulation, and medication, the bricks were falling, no longer restraining her beautiful mind. For a moment Shelby thought that she heard herself growl in the back of her throat, something raw and primitive.

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