Another trigger, all of the pain from the last four years flooded back, everything these people had done to her. Within seconds a tsunami of clean and loving memories washed the tragedy away. Shelby could feel the mental partition begin to waver and fail. Like a wall built from hate, manipulation, and medication, the bricks were falling, no longer restraining her beautiful mind. For a moment Shelby thought that she heard herself growl in the back of her throat, something raw and primitive.

” Patefactus”, Shelby whispered one word.

Shelby arrived at a conclusion and a decision. Right here, on this step, she would do what she used to do, what she had been taught to do, what she had died learning how to do. No longer would she be weak and frail. From this moment forward she would call upon her resilience. She would speak the words. She would speak something into existence.

Closing her eyes and relaxing her mind and body, she prepared for the next step; not simply from the stairs, but a leap from the stairs and into the darkness. The connecting process began immediately, wiring Shelby’s brain to her surroundings, harmonizing the young woman to each element of the basement. Nothing escaped her new state of hyper-awareness. A smile formed on her lips as the hair on her arms and neck began to wave-like feathers, and a light-hearted giggle escaped her lips. She quickly began to split her mind between two tasks. First; remaining connected to her surroundings and finishing the revealing. And second; searching for help. The projection would carry her from the house and into the city. She desperately needed to find him and make an immediate spiritual connection, otherwise she may never leave the dirty basement.

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