With each passing moment, Shelby could feel some measure of her strength returning. Making a fist with her left hand, she held that small fist to her lips, and then closed her eyes.

Her eyes still closed, she spoke softly into her small hand, “Ostende mihi,” causing the tattoos on her left index and middle finger to flash momentarily. Willing to sacrifice her scotopic vision, Shelby uttered the final syllable, then opened her fist.


Her fingers remained outstretched towards the concrete wall on the far side of the room. The immediate effects of her words were certainly both bewitching, and perfectly dazzling. If by chance she would have had an audience, it would have seemed as if the young woman had made a wish upon a dandelion made of fireflies instead of pollen. The result was breathtaking as hundreds of tiny sparkling orbs shot forth from her opened hand throughout the gloomy room, each one seemingly with it’s own purpose and desire. The tiny explosion of orbs spread throughout the entire room, many of them finding their way to the laundry room, speedily passing beneath the tightly closed door with an agenda. The exquisite particles of light were fearless, and would not be constrained by any portal or being, either from this world, or another.

Within seconds the wall to her left began to shimmer, with each pulse becoming more transparent, quickly revealing that which waited for her just paces away. Throughout the next room, each and every object glimmered, completely bathed with what some would certainly compare to pixie dust. The temptation to become a pixie not withstanding, Shelby looked to her left just briefly, only long enough for a mental snapshot; and then forced herself to redirect her gaze anyplace else besides the filthy laundry room. The ephemeral effects expiring, within seconds everything faded back to its natural state; leaving her once more sitting in darkness, an island of beauty, poise, and elegance, surrounded by a sea of unclean.

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