Beautiful In Every Way

A Highly Emotional Person since birth, Shelby now struggled with the Empathic Connection she’d just made. She couldn’t help but feel some measure of sympathy for what she had just witnessed through the laundry room wall. Very few could possibly begin to understand the reality of the situation. Quite simply; a person or persons had violated the balance of The Universe by manipulating something into this world with the sole purpose of using it as a weapon against her. Once again, the question was, “why…why would they do this?”

Knowing that she was all in and must continue to remain unfaltering at all costs, Shelby continued with the necessary words, her voice compelling and formidable.

“Detectus,” she slowly whispered, each syllable uttered with precise clarity, not unlike that of a foreign language instructor.

Shelby blinked twice and her eyes began to shimmer slightly. Drops of sweat ran down the inside of her nightshirt, tickling her from armpit to waist. First licking her dry lips; “Manufestatus,” she spoke once more, again with syllabus perfection.

Finding a patch of concrete free of dog feces and urine; Shelby knelt on the hard floor, sat down on her heels, then shifted her body so that she could work with both of her hands. She had always enjoyed this critical, and powerful step of The Revealing. For reasons unknown; something about it had always seemed intimate, even sexual in nature, something she had not experienced for nearly two years. Sex with her boyfriend was a forgotten thing of the past. Even in her current state of weakness and desolation, she could not lower herself to the level of Gabriel’s other woman. Her mother had raised her to be a lady, and what lady shares a man with another. Momentarily appreciating her own shapely body, Shelby smiled, very happy with the fact that he would never touch her again. “Hmmm…….nevvverrrrr,” she whispered to the darkness.

Then, with thoughts of, “hmmm……..I’m still very cute,” she pulled her hair back with both thumbs, adjusted her upper body in a cute womanly fashion, then reapplied all of her natural poise. Well aware of the level of danger she would be facing, she didn’t want to rush the next step. From this point on, there would be no such thing as a “little mistake.”

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