Beautiful In Every Way

With her left-hand flat on the dirty basement floor; Shelby began to speak, and then paused. Once again: Another sign of the moment. Under normal healthy circumstances, she would have done the math long ago, easily turning one plus one into two. Instead; with her brain in a state of detox and clean up, she hadn’t known the answer until this very moment. The unclean state of the basement, particularly the heavy layer of dust covering the entire floor, would help to expedite the inscription process; something that would have been quite difficult under cleaner circumstances. Fortunately; she hadn’t listened to either her boyfriend or to herself, otherwise a broom and dustpan would have been applied long ago.

Shelby placed her left hand on the concrete and spoke briefly in the native language of both herself and that of her late mother, “cominciamo,” she whispered with another little grin, a wave of confidence flowing through her.

Still poised just as before with her rear end sitting on her heels, and her knees resting on the basement floor, Shelby would begin the process of forcing something into revealing itself. That which had been summoned and invited willingly into the house would now be challenged by a thirty-four-year-old. She felt neither apprehension nor fear.

As she pulled her hair back with her left hand, the three rings sparkled to life once more. Smiling once again with her progress, she began to trace a small symmetrical pattern with her right index finger on to the dusty white floor. A combination of both images, an inscription, the finished pattern was no larger than a vinyl record album. She spoke again, this time much slower, each syllable pronounced with crystal clear precision. Well practiced within her arts, Shelby had already prepared herself for the next incantation.

With exquisite poise, “Quod sit lux in tenebris constituta revelare,” she said, each word as smooth as silk.

Once again Shelby’s green eyes shimmered in the darkness, and she nearly threw up on herself seconds after the next surge of adrenaline hit her central nervous system. Her energy was screaming, soaring from her mind as she gave it direction and purpose. Speaking once more, this time much faster, she released the final incantation.

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