Bellissimo In Ogni Modo [17 Di 20] Versione Italiana

Un altro fattore scatenante, tutto il dolore degli ultimi quattro anni è tornato indietro, tutto ciò che queste persone le avevano fatto. In pochi secondi uno tsunami di ricordi puliti e amorevoli ha spazzato via la tragedia. Shelby sentì la divisione mentale iniziare a vacillare e fallire. Come un muro costruito dall'odio, dalla manipolazione e … Continue reading Bellissimo In Ogni Modo [17 Di 20] Versione Italiana

Bellissimo In Ogni Modo [Part 17 of 20]

Another trigger, all of the pain from the last four years flooded back, everything these people had done to her. Within seconds a tsunami of clean and loving memories washed the tragedy away. Shelby could feel the mental partition begin to waver and fail. Like a wall built from hate, manipulation, and medication, the bricks … Continue reading Bellissimo In Ogni Modo [Part 17 of 20]

Merry Christmas Everyone ❤️!

Merry Christmas Everyone ❤️! The end of 2019 is fast approaching, but it's not over yet. There is still time for Connections, Signs, Fantastic Experiences, Synchronicity, and Miracles! I encourage everyone not to waste this last few days, but instead look a little farther, open your eyes a little wider, and pray a little harder … Continue reading Merry Christmas Everyone ❤️!

Three Seconds, Keeping Our Boundaries

A few months back a wrote a piece about "The Three Second Rule". What is this rule? In simple terms: The maximum length of time one person should [in good taste] check out another person, particularly while in public, on the street ECT. Originally, the subject had been brought up during a Men In Recovery … Continue reading Three Seconds, Keeping Our Boundaries

My Beautiful Creation

Like so many other things within my world of writing, I didn't see this one coming. Quite simply, I did not expect to become attached to the characters that I've created. In fact, so taken by one particular woman that I've begun studying the Italian Language. If anyone would have suggested such a thing to … Continue reading My Beautiful Creation