When Did Fat Become An Insult [Ashley Austrew]

INTRODUCTION by Joseph Shanklin I spend a lot of time [daily] working my own self inventory processes. I choose to make the conscious decision to identify my personal shortcomings. Furthermore, I make the choice to make improvements towards those shortcomings. Please allow me to demonstrate my priorities... 1] Sobriety 2] Self-improvement I see it like … Continue reading When Did Fat Become An Insult [Ashley Austrew]

Surviving The Harvest

A late-night conversation alongside a small lake on a warm summer night in the City of Denver Colorado. "Well...I see I'm not the only one to make it out alive," Bob said frantically. Seeing the terror within Bob's eyes, "No thanks to you...you just ran off...a flight to save yourself," John said. "Flight is r...r...right...what … Continue reading Surviving The Harvest

Growing Old Together

I was inspired to write this piece after reading something another writer posted this morning. She is very talented and inspiring. I've been married and divorced twice. Lasting nearly 12 years, the ending of my second marriage broke my heart... completely. I'd planned on growing old with my second wife. Unfortunately...her long term plans didn't … Continue reading Growing Old Together

Damages [Spring 2019]

DAMAGES Avoiding pain is natural. In fact, that's why it's there. Pain is a signal to the brain letting us know that something is wrong. Through our efforts to avoid the uncomfortable we protect ourselves, our hearts, and sometimes our lives. It's in this way that most people understand and cope with pain. Whether healthy … Continue reading Damages [Spring 2019]

Another highly productive weekend. My last word count [80k].

Another highly productive weekend. My last word count [80k]. The journey continues as I prepare to write the last two chapters [13 & 14]. Estimated word count upon completion before being handed over to a Professional Editor [100k]. I'm feeling good about Book #1 of the series coming in at 100k words, and still have … Continue reading Another highly productive weekend. My last word count [80k].

Day 1, Thought 1

Day 1, Thought 1 Sometimes I run my left thumb along my left ring finger, just to check to see if it's still there. Of course, my wedding ring hasn't been there for several years. Nearly five years past, not long before I was forced from my home of over ten years, the ring was … Continue reading Day 1, Thought 1