Day 1, Thought 1

Sometimes I run my left thumb along my left ring finger, just to check to see if it’s still there. Of course, my wedding ring hasn’t been there for several years. Nearly five years past, not long before I was forced from my home of over ten years, the ring was stolen while I slept. Even though I’d been forced from my entire life of 47 years by lies and betrayal, the first thing I did after my exit was to purchase a replacement wedding band. I wore that ring on my finger for another year, and then on a necklace for three more years before finally locking it away.

It was hard to accept, the truth of having my heart used against me as a weapon. Although I have absolutely zero plans to write anything on the subject past what I’ve already written, I’ll write this. If not for the immeasurable pain, lies, betrayal, and complete lack of boundaries, I would not have discovered either myself or my new life.

So I must say: Thank You.

To any and all of the ones that worked so hard, sacrificing their very souls to achieve nothing real for themselves. I would not have been able to do it without you, I will not miss you, and I will not work backwards.

My New Life is One of Truth, Justice, and Yes, The American Way. Along that way, I’ll continue to learn, grow, and discover who I am. I must add, I’m discovering others as well. Other Readers, Writers, and so many other people who choose to live within the Realm of Light, Love, and The Sign of The Moment.



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