Life & Death [Drug Court Newsletter Version]

Originally posted here yesterday. Then expanded and posted on my column within The Adams County Drug Court Newsletter. Now copied and posted here on my blog. It’s nearly…just nearly…confusing.

Please keep in mind: The majority of The Readers were sitting in The Court Room while they were reading The Newsletter.

Written for the new people [and everyone else].

Recently, as part of a required exercise for an Outpatient Substance Abuse Group that I attend, I made an interesting discovery. The instructions were as follows: If I had been told that I was going to die in 1 year…what would my goals be? I had to do the same for 5 years…and then for 10 years.

Here’s what I learned. The goals that I’d listed for 1 year, were nearly the exact same goals that I’ve already applied to my present life!

Last year at this time I made the decision to live my life like I’m out of time… treasuring each and every single day like it may be my last! This state of mind has contributed greatly to my ability to achieve what some had thought inconceivable.

Now…allow me to reapply this to Your Probation Sentence…and here’s the result: For those just beginning this program…don’t get wrapped up thinking about Your Graduation Date. You may have somewhere between 18-24 months until then…possibly more depending on where you are within your recovery. Appreciate and utilize each day to the fullest. When we say things such as [I can’t wait until then], are we writing off the days between now and then? Those days cannot be replaced once they’re gone…I suggest that you don’t waste them.

You may never have a better opportunity to change your life than you do at this moment. The support that comes with The Adams County Drug Court Program is not available to everyone…but it is available to you right now. One way or another…your life is preparing to change. If you’re sitting in this room…it’s inevitable…change is coming!

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