Several months ago during a meeting with my probation officer, I made a prediction: If I fail the program and end up incarcerated, it will not be from relapse, but something much more difficult to prepare for, an event occurring on the city streets.

For anyone living and working in the City Of Denver Colorado, the possibility of coming into contact with a complete knucklehead [I’m being kind here], is more than possible, it’s highly probable. Factor in neighborhoods, areas of travel, and the attitude of the individual traveling; and the odds climb in favor of the [inevitable].

The terms of my probation require me to spend one day per month traveling to Brighton CO for court. Until I finish reinstating my driver’s license, I’ll continue to rely on public transportation. It’s approximately a five minutes walk from my house to the bus stop. Thirty seconds after leaving the house this morning I spotted someone walking towards me, although still two blocks away. If you’ve read some of my work then the rest of this probably won’t surprise you.

Ten seconds after seeing the man walking towards me the entire event played out within my mind. I knew what he was planning to do, possibly before he did [a very long time]. I knew with absolution that he was planning on walking directly towards me, similar to a game of chicken, but on foot. I also knew that he may take things to the next level if I allowed it to happen.

By the time we had walked with twenty feet of each other, I’d already calculated these particulars.

He was right-handed
What he was wearing
Shoes vs boots
Rings and jewelry
His energy level
Where I needed to be for the Sun to be at my back
His weight
And more…

I’d already calculated his end…and mine!

It doesn’t matter that I had 60 pounds in him. That I first began training with hand to hand combat and weapons as a teenager. My military background. And I’ll leave out the rest. All that matters is that I was on my way to court, and that’s how easy it would be for me to throw everything away!

This is how I won the battle:

I moved out of his way.
I ignored what he said.
I refuse to give my power away.

By the time I’m finished writing this piece, that individual will not exist.

10 thoughts on “Keeping Your Power! [Universe University]

  1. It’s good that you’ve learnt how to ‘not be offended’. I’m still working on that. Sometimes I do really well and other times I let it get to me and I fight back. With words though, not physically, lol. I don’t think I could take down an inflatable santa let alone another human being, haha.

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