When I was told Thursday evening that I would not be working yesterday [Friday] morning, I replied with something along the lines of “I know”. The feeling had been building all day Thursday, so it came as absolutely no surprise. For me, and probably for a lot of people, knowing is simply part of my daily routine. I didn’t get upset, respond with any negativity, or complain. Why? I was already in the process of working to recognize my next move. It’s important to remember these two things:

[1] When one door closes, another opens. Although it’s not uncommon for some to find 1-3 doors.

[2] Behind everything, is something else. If you look past the tragic, or in my case yesterday “bad news”, you’ll always find opportunity.

Here are some of the things I needed to keep in mind for yesterday:

What should I do with that time?
What will I be getting?
What will I be learning?
What will I be teaching?
Who will I meet?

Whether you believe in such things as Synchronicity, or what I refer to as The Sign of The Moment, most people would agree then it’s important to remain productive.

I spent eight years with The US Army. As they say in the military, I still know how to get more done by 9 am than many can by 9 pm.

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