A late-night conversation alongside a small lake on a warm summer night in the City of Denver Colorado.

“Well…I see I’m not the only one to make it out alive,” Bob said frantically.

Seeing the terror within Bob’s eyes, “No thanks to you…you just ran off…a flight to save yourself,” John said.

“Flight is r…r…right…what do you expect. Those people are monsters! Did you see them? Do you know what they were doing,” Bob said.

“Only from a distance,” John said, looking over Bob’s shoulder as if he expected something to slice his head off.

“They were rounding everyone up like some kind of nightmarish harvest,” Bob said.

“Harvest for what…what could those people possibly want with us. Especially after everything they’ve done for us. There have been many days I’ve eaten only because of those people,” John said.

“What…just because a person throws you a few scraps…some damn crumbs you believe they can be trusted,” Bob said flatly.

“No I guess not,” John said.

“I’m going to tell you what is being whispered. I’m going to tell you what I heard on the way here,” Bob said.

“Tell me,” John said.

“Everyone who is captured is eaten,” Bob said.

“That’s a loada dog shit,” John screamed.

“Then don’t believe me but if you see those white vans pull up…well…you’d better make the flight of your life,” Bob said.

“No I mean there’s a pile of dog shit by your foot. Some people don’t bring bags to the park. Oh my…is that the van right there,” John said, pointing towards a large cargo van pulling into the park.

“Damn…I don’t think we can reach the lake shore…fly…fly…fly,” Bob screamed.

Last year the City of Denver rounded up a large percentage of the city’s goose population. The meat was used to feed the homeless.

Yes…this is a conversation between two geese 😉

Joseph Shanklin

January 21, 202

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