A hydroelectric dam is going to break within the next 24 hours.

Ten miles down stream; a small town is evacuating, everyone is packing their shit and leaving.

Immediately below the spillway; a small town isn’t evacuating, everyone is carrying on business as usual. These people cannot mentally process the inevitable, and nobody is packing anything.

Welcome to 2020…enjoy!

[I’m kidding of course]


15 thoughts on “The Dam Is Breaking

      1. Another comment had me thinking about our young people. Our future depends on our young people. Will they rise to meet all of the coming challenges? I feel another blog coming for this topic.

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      2. It’s an interesting topic and a complex one I believe. I’m concerned that no one is ready for the coming challenges let alone the young people that have been born into a society with an increasing focus on self. The world in general (especially the western world) has lost a sense of others and community to a huge degree. With an increase in social media and digital platforms for self expression it’s all too easy to stay at home in front of a screen than to interact with other people and I think a great deal of compassion and empathy has been killed off through the process. I’d question how many people these days would consider laying down their lives for another as compared to 100 years ago. There are still a lot of awesome and inspiring people who are doing great things and fighting for people’s rights, for equality, for freedom, for community etc but I feel the younger generation has been particularly effected by this increasing focus toward self. Instead of doctors, lawyers, nurses and teachers, kids are wanting to be YouTube stars and Instagram influencers etc, making money by selling themselves and other people’s products etc rather than making money by contributing to society. I believe it’s a massive reason why we’ve seen an increase in depression and suicide amongst teens. So maybe a challenge it two is exactly what they need to refocus. I certainly don’t want a WWIII but maybe we should be thinking about preparing young people by making them more community focused?
        My two cents anyway. I think I wrote half a big post right there, haha.

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      3. Lol I’m not sure, but I’m not up to date on all the latest sayings šŸ˜†, my teens confuse me all the time with things that I’m sure are supposed to be ‘cool’ but I don’t get it šŸ¤£

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