Most of us have been cheated on, cheated on someone, or possibly both. Without getting too personal, I’ve been married and divorced twice, and I have an intimate understanding of all of the above. It’s more than a big deal to me: Owning my shit…

Over the next week, or until I feel I’ve spent enough time on the subject, I’ll be posting a series of short pieces on cheating, approximately 100-200 words per day. Depending on where I source my information from, the Cheating Numbers tend to vary quite a bit, but I plan on doing my homework.

Note: Heterosexual Couple Statistics


**Physical Cheating**

Men who cheat: 20%-40%

Women who cheat: 15%-30%

For many people in the United States, being married is no more [forever] than being in love is. The CDC estimates 2 out of 5 first marriages [40%] will end in divorce or separation within 15 years. February 4, 2009

As we all know, men and women are greatly different from each other. As different as they are, so are their reasons for infidelity. Yes…Men and Women cheat for different reasons.

Other factors include: Age, Race, Politics, Home Life, Parenting, Religious Background, and so much more.

**Emotional Affairs**

Definition of an Emotional Affair: A relationship between a person and someone other than [their] spouse that effects the level of intimacy emotional distance and overall dynamic balance in the marriage.

Men having an Emotional Affair: 40%-50%

Women having an Emotional Affair: 30%-40%

As with Physical Cheating, the reasons for Emotional Cheating tend to vary greatly.

Until Tomorrow,

Joseph Shanklin

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